Nuestra historia

Old Fashion Suits was born as such in 2020 as a result of the passion for history and handmade costume making.

After some time participating as reenactors in the Napoleonic period, we decided to undertake our own project of making historical costumes in view of the constant difficulty of obtaining good equipment that followed rigor and was of quality.


Adelina Calvo, entrepreneur and main seamstress and designer of Old Fashion Suits, began her journey in the world of clothing at the early age of 8 years at the hand of her mother, years later she studied design, fashion and pattern making.
He has made both modern and historical costumes as well as garments for flamenco dance and other shows.

The family history goes back to Córdoba at the end of the 60s specifically to the workshop/company of Meri Sanz, (Adelina's grandmother) where even then the family was dedicated to textiles, making artisan embroidery, making clothes and baby accessories and embroidering the mythical crocodile on all Lacoste brand garments throughout Spain.

Some time later, Lina's mother would give classes and training in sewing and artisan embroidery throughout the Costa Brava, carrying out several bridal fashion shows with her own design as well as making shawls and flags for town halls.

Lina also spent a few years giving classes and training on sewing technique, artisan embroidery and textile drawing.

We hope to keep moving forward and that the history of Old Fashion Suits can be expanded considerably in the future.



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