Shorts made of 100% cotton with fabric covered buttons.

The shorts were used together with white socks above the knee, they commonly had side buttons on each leg at the knee to hook the last button of the gaiter to the pants (as is the case of the ones we made in Old Fashion Suits).

This garment was widely used until 1814 when long pants come into play. Until now, it was common to wear shorts with socks and leggings to protect the same socks.

In the world of recreation it is quite common to see long pants recreating years in which this garment was not yet used since the one used was the short pants usually accompanied by a second long pants that was worn over the first during marches.

Originally this garment was made of wool cloth, soon we will publish this product made of the material that was used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The buttons can be covered in fabric, natural wood and / or brass.
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Cotton shorts