Bag/fanny pack with handmade embroidery of the imperial eagle.

Made of 100% cotton fabric with two natural wood buttonhole closure.

This accessory is widely used in the world of historical
re-enactment, these bags with a square shape are commonly seen carried as a shoulder bag until the beginning of the rump.


Originally, these bags used to have an oval shape (kidney) and were on that organ, well above those that are usually seen in recreation in most cases, thus giving the name of a fanny pack.

According to various sources consulted, the use of fanny packs in the Grande Armeé was limited to specific moments such as the withdrawal of troops in the war with Spain and the withdrawal of troops from the Russian campaign.

This was due to the shortage of supplies, in this way the troops could carry with themselves basic essentials and / or the few food rations that they could have.

French bag/fanny pack

  • The fanny pack in the image comes with machine embroidery.

    It can also be made with an overlay and carry this emblem or another.

    Hand wash with cold water is recommended.